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Explore the whole new world of QUANTITY TAKEOFF

Discover what CADMATE Takeoff can do for you

You can now estimate your projects immediately and perform digital takeoffs on drawings and send quantities/estimates directly to the field for easy communication. Say good-bye to costly printing fees and running around and save time, money and space.


TAKEOFF with a Modern Touch

  • With state of the art pdf and dwg technology used in CADMATE Takeoff, the application provides high clarity and accuracy, while working on drawings.​

  • Precision is a very important aspect in quantity estimation and with innovative technologies embodied in  this application makes it one of the most desirable application. CADMATE software brings to you CADMATE TakeOff a unique application for estimation and quantity takeoff.

Who's CADMATE TakeOff for?


Architects are in charge of design and project planning, and they are also responsible for the visual appearance of buildings and structures. CADMATE Takeoff is the perfect solution for all of your quantity takeoff needs. By leveraging the power of CADMATE Takeoff, you can easily measure area, length, and other parameters with precision. You’ll also have access to powerful tools that help you quickly count objects in drawings. This will save you time and money in the long run as it allows you to get accurate estimates quickly.



Cadmate Takeoff is designed to save you time and energy by automating the tedious process of manually calculating the quantity takeoff. It also eliminates errors and mistakes that may occur due to manual calculations, ensuring accurate results every time. This helps you save money by avoiding costly mistakes and reworks due to mis-measurement.

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Engineers deals with the designing, planning, construction, and operations management of infrastructure such as roadways, tunnels, bridges, airports, railroads, facilities, buildings, dams, utilities and other projects.CADMATE Takeoff is a powerful takeoff system that provides you with the most advanced tools to measure, mark up, and take off your plans quickly and accurately. With features such as automated takeoff calculations, adjustable takeoff settings, and easily customizable reports, you can be sure that your takeoffs are always precise.



CADMATE Takeoff is a powerful tool designed to provide the best possible solution for public sectors, especially those involved in building permits and other licenses for new buildings and redevelopments of existing buildings.With its advanced features, CADMATE Takeoff can help streamline quantity takeoff helps to precisely and swiftly calculate material quantities and cost estimates from PDFs and dwg files. It helps to automate the entire takeoff process, eliminating tedious manual work and saving you valuable time and money.


Easiest way to manage and complete a construction online TakeOff & Estimate

  • Load all major image file types.

  • Calculate complete Roof areas in seconds.

  • Calculate Wall areas in seconds with the custom wall area tool.

  • Easily navigate through plans.

  • Print and share plans effortlessly.

  • Identify TakeOff easily using notes and colors.

Need of the Product


Address Complexities in estimation.

Estimation is very important. One wrong calculation would affect your company’s profitability on a project.

Preparing quantity takeoff required high level of skill as well as good judgment and critical thinking skills.


Using our software gives customer a competitive edge in the industry.

Precise measurement which would help in building costing with precision.

Estimators would be able to track were quantities come from.

Using on excel would require more time in manually doing calculation, double checking the formulas. Align your projects in a single location.

Can carry out multiple estimations at a single time. Put more quotes to market to win projects.

Common platform for all the users.

Software will also take your professionalism to new heights.

Discover the Power of CADMATE Takeoff



High PDF Clarity

Cost Effective

Simple Licensing

Excel Output

Simple UI


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