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Top Features and Highlights of CADMATE TAKEOFF


Working on multiple file formats is very important during the estimation process. Cadmate TakeOff supports opening and working on dwg, pdf, dwf & dxf files.


Transfer the calculations between the document in ease with the expertise of copy & paste functions accessible from the workspace window.


Now automate the calculations smoothly with the Record start and stop icons from the workspace window.


Take error-free quantity calculations from your document by defining the specific region in the work sheet using automatic object calculation.

Manual & Auto Calculations

Take quick calculations of object such as Area, Length, Volume, Perimeter & many more operations in both PDF & DWG drawings using both auto and manual methods.


Print & Plot

You can get the plot output of a predefined area on the screen where the calculations are accomplished.

Text Properties Manager

Controlling the text parameters are very important while doing estimation takeoff. Cadmate TakeOff makes it very easy with the text properties manager.


Drawing Overlay

Superimpose selected drawing over the current drawing sheet, helping you to compare revisions in drawing.

Work on .DWG Drawings

Now edit entities within your dwg files directly using CADMATE TakeOff. This helps the estimators in carrying the estimation and takeoff operations much faster.


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